Entrevista Professor Dr. Jose C. Santos – University of the Algarve


José António C. Santos made his undergraduate course (Tourism) at ISLA (European University) Lisbon and postgraduate and doctoral studies (German Studies) at the New University of Lisbon (NOVA). He is: – Founder and Editor of the TOURISM & MANAGEMENT STUDIES journal (Web of Science); – Founder and Chair of the TMS conferences; – Adjunct Professor of the School of Management, Hospitality and Tourism of the University of the Algarve; – Co-Coordinator for Research and Publications; – Co-Coordinator for Internationalization; – Researcher of the Research Centre for Spatial and Organizational Dynamics (CIEO). He has coedited several books on Tourism and Hospitality and published papers and book chapters in the areas of German Studies and Tourism. Presently his research interests are: Collaborative Networks; Risk and Threat Perceptions; German Tourism Market.


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